Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My new 7 week Hypertrophy challenge

okay so coming off a holiday and time off gym I thought id try a 7 week challenge!(20 yrs old in 7weeks)

So got measured up and started new diet and new hypertrophy training.
so far its week one no alcohol and only protein, creatine, and l-arganine as supplements used i will report every 2 weeks on measurements and how i go.
this is all done naturally and around a busy college and client pt sessioned filled time so no excuses to you guys out there that work or what not.

By Jackson Johnson Creator of FitAesthetics

Steroid abuse

Testosterone replacement therapy has been proven safe and effective over decades, for treatment of men with recognised problems of the pituitary or testis that cause androgen deficiency. Testosterone treatment has not been proven safe and effective for older men without any recognised disorders of the pituitary or testis. Until further evidence is available, testosterone treatment of such older men can not be recommended.
In the wider community, abuse of androgens in sport is also an important issue with some elite athletes and body builders using massive doses of androgens. For athletes this breaks the rules against sports doping and for all androgen abusers, the long-term affects on the body particularly for prostate (prostate cancer, BPH) and cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke) remain of great concern.

Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland of the brain. Growth hormones determine height, bone length and muscle growth. Synthetic growth hormone will not help build muscle size and strength. Children who are experiencing stunted or slowed growth need their natural growth hormone levels checked by medical professionals before any drugs are administered.